LyricMerch FAQ


Aren’t lyrics copyrighted? Are your products licensed?

Yes and yes! LyricMerch is run by LyricFind, the world’s largest provider of licensed lyrics. We’ve specially negotiated merchandising rights from thousands of music publishers and songwriters, so all the right people get paid every time you shop at LyricMerch.


How long does it normally take to manufacture and ship my order?

Different products take different amounts of time, but in general, everything should ship within 5 business days of your order; shipping times then vary. Of course, things might be a little bit slower leading up to Christmas – so plan accordingly! Shipments in the US are sent via UPS Mail Innovations, Fedex Surepost, or USPS First Class Mail, so they generally take 5-6 days. Shipments in Canada can take as many as 10-12 days.

I need to cancel my order – help!!

No problem – we all make mistakes! You can cancel your order for a full refund at any time before your item has shipped. To cancel your order, email us at

My order hasn’t arrived. Where is it?

You can check your order status through your Orders page on your profile. If you think that something’s gone wrong, please contact our support team.

Can you ship outside of the United States and Canada?

At the moment, unfortunately no. We are working on expanding our licensing and distribution and hope to be launching in more territories soon!

Only part of my order shipped. Where’s the rest of it?

Different products are made in different facilities, so they ship separately. In general, all apparel should come together, while coffee mugs, phone cases, and shower curtains may ship separately. Check your Orders page to see what has shipped.

Can I send my order as a gift?

While you can certainly have your order shipped to a different address, unfortunately at this time we don’t support gift wrapping or other differentiation for a gift order.

My shipment hasn’t moved…is it lost?

If your tracking number does not show any movement for 3 days in the US, it is likely lost – send an email and we’ll send you out a replacement free of charge.  Canadian shipments of some items sometimes can take a bit longer to clear customs, and be stuck at the border. If you feel it’s taken too long email customer service and we can inquire with our shipping company the status of your order and if it is likely lost we’ll make a free replacement.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, we can only offer regular shipping at the moment. We hope to have expedited shipping available soon!

Returns & Exchanges

My product wasn’t printed properly. Can you fix it?

Absolutely! We’ll happily send you another one to get it right. Please contact our support team to arrange for a new product.

My product doesn’t fit. How can I exchange for a different size?

Of course! We want to make sure everything looks great. Please contact our support team to arrange for a different size to be sent. We’ll even let you keep the first one – give it to a friend!


Who should become a LyricMerch affiliate?

While anyone can join, the best fits are artists, songwriters, social media influencers, and music services/web sites. Anyone who can spread the word about LyricMerch or our products is free to join and earn revenue.

How can I become a LyricMerch affiliate?

Easy! Just create an account here on LyricMerch, then register as an affiliate, and you’re all set!

How much do I get paid as a LyricMerch Affiliate?

Payment varies depending on product and retail price. For the full Affiliate Fee chart, please register as an affiliate and check your profile for details.

How frequent are payments issued?

Payments are sent monthly, 30 days after the end of each month, provided that earnings have passed $100 USD.


I’d like to create more advanced custom designs than your design interface allows. Is that possible?

Our Premium Designer program allows you to upload your own designs and sell them through LyricMerch, provided they meet our licensing guidelines. Contact our team for more details.


I’m an artist/songwriter – how can I get my lyrics on LyricMerch?

The easiest way is through LyricFind, our licensing arm. You can contact Nik McLeod at or (647)479-8463 x110.


Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the United States or Canada. Nothing comes from overseas or is made in sweat shops. That also means that everything ships locally, so it’s much faster!

The song I want to use isn’t available. Can you make it available?

At the moment, all songs that we have licensing for are available. However, we do monitor requests for notification when a song becomes available, and try to prioritize licensing based on those requests – so make sure you ask to be notified!

The product I’d like to make isn’t available. Can you do custom orders?

At the moment we do not support additional products, but look for us to be launching more products soon!